You Don’t Have to be Afraid~

One day, my little sister Christiana, came into my room and climbed up on my bed with me while I was playing guitar. She started confiding in me all the fears of her six-year-old, and as I comforted her this song flowed out. It’s really more of a lullaby than a song; Christiana asks me to sing it to her often.

Thanks to my cousins, Joanna and Rebecca for recording it!

You don’t have to be afraid,
Jesus is right there beside you–

Watching, holding, helping you,
He will strengthen and shield you.

You don’t have to be afraid,
Jesus is right there beside you.

He promised that He would never leave us,
He promised that He was be here for us.

You don’t have to be afraid,
Jesus is right there beside you.

Ah, my sweet little Christiana is just growing up too fast–how did she get to be so big? She’s by far the sweetest little girl in the whole world–not to mention that she has the most adorable nose ever!

Like me, she loves the story of Esther, and asks me to read it to her again and again. Christiana has the sweetest voice and laugh ever, and is extremely witty. Not to mention a talented artist whose art always seems to find its way to my desk. She adds so much joy to my life…I thank the Lord so much for this precious gift and wonder what in the world I do without her.

She makes my everyday somewhat magical.

Precious notes…
…moments spent talking of the Lord…
…countless “I love you’s”, hugs and kisses everyday…
…fun games…
…inside jokes…
…picking flowers…
…dancing around the house…
…secret handshakes and confidential conversations…

I love you, Christiana. Don’t grow up too fast.


 In Christ,


~Gal. 2:20


3 thoughts on “You Don’t Have to be Afraid~

  1. Grace~
    This post was so sweet; and I love the play and sing beautifully…I also like the simplicity of the lyrics…such a sweet lullaby…

    (far better than “Rock a Bye Baby”…I mean, who would sing THAT to a baby???).

    Much love to you my friend–and your little sister is so cute! 🙂

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