Simply joys~

I sport a baggy, comfy sweater with my hair piled into a messy knot on the top of my head as I sit down. The house is dark and quiet–quiet at last. Although there is a beauty to be found in the noise of a house full of people, I treasure the quiet too. Perhaps it’s this time of year, the weather, or the black coffee… but there is an overflow of memories, praises and lessons from this fall so far and I’m thankful.

Yes, thankful for things like…

-The opportunity to learn and start on my Doula certification.

-Iceskating with sweet cousin and little sister… I might as well have been flying and dancing in the air.


 A Grandmother willing to give up her week to help us paint


The countless inside jokes, times of laughter and fun that happen every single day around here… Siblings are the best.

The fragrance of fall: chai, candles, the fireplace, that cold fall scent in the wind…

-Opportuinities for this little Texas girl to wear sweaters.

-Many little hands learning the skill of basket-weaving. Stories. Laughter. Wednesdays.


-Heart-felt prayers with dear friends in the parking-lot. Marveling at my God’s power as He had worked mightily in the lives of the ones I prayed with. Mightily indeed.

-Rotten milk and finding the lesson in it.

-Deep discussions and driving lessons with my Dad.

-Indian/Mediterranean treats.

-Friends in Christ whom when you ask “how are you doing?” it is always meant and answered at a spiritual level. And conversations that could go on forever about the Lord.

-Morning devotions with family.

-Forgiveness, grace, and lessons… oh so many lessons. Oh so much more to learn.

-Learning to choose joy. Like earlier this week as we were getting ready for some last minute, out-of-state guests I was frazzled. And I showed it. Little sis wanted to know what was wrong–why I wasn’t being “me.” I tried justifying my attitude, but then the Holy Spirit pricked my heart. My attitude wasn’t helping anything and it wasn’t honoring my King. Even though it was the last thing I wanted to do, I smiled. “Abba, help me choose joy.” And I began to sing to the Lord. As my praises wafted through the house my heart was transformed from one of complaining to one of praise. I want to be a woman of joy, a woman of praise–not ungrateful or complaining!

-Encouragement in the form of conversations, e-mails, verses and comments.

-Oh and Jesus. My precious Yeshua. Learning afresh of His love for me–letting the beauty of 1 John 4 sit in. Longing to know Him and His love for me even more. There is Joy in His presence.

These things are just a few–only a drop in a bucket. And so I slip into bed whispering thanks and asking Him once again to draw me nearer.



Romans Challenge~

Last month I had the opportunity to help out at the Mally’s Bright Light’s conferences for girls. (If you want to know more about their ministry you can go to their website–

The long and short of it is that it was an amazing time. Lives were truly changed. The first part of the week was a conference geared towards younger girls. The biggest thing that impacted the sweet gals on my team was to make a commitment to read their Bibles daily.

I had never been good about making God’s Word a priority in my life until the beginning of 2011. My new year’s resolution was a vow to God to spend at least 5 minutes in His Word everyday that year. Since then, by God’s grace I have not missed a single day. It has impacted my life so much, and always reminds me where my focus ought to be and Who’s life this is.

That being said, Grace Mally is starting a “Romans Challenge” next month. I love a good challenge and thought I’d share this one with you. Basically, during the month of September you read Romans 1-8 everyday (you can head over to her blog to find out more about it). . Eight chapters is a good amount of reading. As a slow reader that could easily take me 30 minutes to an hour each day.

Romans 1-8 hold some passages that are very close to my heart. How wonderful would it be to daily reading and meditating on these rich passages? We sit down to watch a movie or TV show–why not use that time to immerse ourselves instead in the Word of God? What do we have to lose?

So who wants to join me? Saturate yourself in the Word of God!

I’d love to know if you do this too (comment and let me know!). And if you don’t do Romans challenge, I do encourage you to be faithful in the Word and press on to know the Lord. In the end, He is all that matters.

Love and blessings,


A funny moment…

I don’t have a lot of time today, but I just wanted to share a funny moment in my life…

You see, I have an affection for rolling down hills. The grass is soft, you get dizzy, what’s not to like? One day a year or so ago I was rolling down the beloved slope at the pond close to our house. At the bottom of this slope is the pond…I’m pretty much an expert when it comes to rolling down hills and have always stopped in time. That is until this time…

So there I was, happliy rolling down the hill…I stopped and checked to see how much farther I could go. I could get at least two more rolls out of this. And then before I knew it, *splash!* Grace rolls right into the pond!

That was the most shocking feeling I’ve felt in my whole life. It was epic.

  That’s me, wet and muddy, describing how it happened…took me forever to wash the mud out of that shirt. : )

Sometimes I think I can feel God laughing right along with me; this was one of those times. Mmm…Christians ought to be the happiest people on the planet. After all, it’s our God that created laughter and joy!

I hope you have a Wonderful Wednesday! May the joy of the Lord fill your heart. And should you roll down any hills, be careful!

In Christ,


P.S. I hope this made you smile.


Alright, so my cousins tagged me on their blogs to do this, so here is some random information I’m sure you were all dying to know about me. : )


1. Because of my inability to swallow pills, my family takes much pleasure in getting a handful of pills and then calling my name. I rush off to see what they want me for, and upon my arrival, they say “watch this Grace!” And proceed to swallow all their pills. It’s rather hilarious when you think about it…

2. I love to sing. Pretty sure I was born singing. : )

3. My younger siblings often call me “mom” accidentally–I’ll take that as a compliment.

4. I’ve never been bored in my life.

5. I love my family. That cannot be understated. My family is awesome.

6. When I get into it I really enjoy house cleaning.

7. Children often wrap thier arms around my legs and call themselves “Grace-leeches.” I absolutely adore little Grace-leeches. : )


Name your favorite color(s): Purple, blue, green, yellow, gold, pink, red, orange, silver, brown…you get the picture

Name your favorite song: When God is Near by the Wilds (but it’s so hard to pick a favorite!)

Name your favorite dessert: Pretty much any form of ice-cream, shakes, or smoothies…lemon bars and cookies are good too.

What is annoys to you: If I’m in the right mood, nothing. If I’m not in the right mood, almost anything.

When you are upset you: That varies…sometimes I clean, sometimes I pray and cry, sometimes I isolate myself, sometimes I talk to a parent…it really depends on what it upsetting me.

Your favorite animal: I don’t really have a favorite. I simply love seeing the creativity of my Creator in His creation. He astounds me.

Your biggest fear: That as I get older I will backslide and become a mediocre Christian. This is the last thing I want…I pray that as I grow older I will become even more in love and passionate about my Savior.

My best feature: The love of Christ radiating through me would probably be the best feature. It’s what can take a plain or even ugly girl radiate with beauty. But alas, I do not always allow His love to shine through me. Oh that people would see Him and not me.

Everyday Attitude: Effervescent.

What is perfection: Everything I am not, and everything that God is; which is why I’m trusting Him 100% for my salvation. (but a perfect day would consist of sunny weather and a picnic at the park, or a rainy day with hot tea, big blanket, and good book.

Guilty Pleasure: I suppose this is something that I enjoy and then later feel guilty for? Sleeping in?

I guess anyone who wants to do this.