Five Minute Friday: Identity


           A girl walked in the quiet of the morning, woods behind her and a trickling stream at her side. A song in her heart, a book in her hand, and a word on her lips—Yeshua.

           A stranger approached–perhaps you, and said, “Excuse me lass, but why do you walk alone so early in the morning?”

           The girl turned round greeting the stranger with a rich smile. “Oh no, you are mistaken, I never walk alone. You see, my Jesus is always with me.”

           With a tone of perplexity and awe the stranger asked, “Who are you?”

           “Who am I?” Her smile deepened. “I am a sinner saved by grace, a daughter of the King. I am beloved of my Lord, so much so that He died to save me. I am the light of the world, the salt earth.
           “I am not Destitute, Depressed, or Alone. I am one with unspeakable Joy in my heart, never to be termed Forsaken. I am Loved, Cherished, Chosen, and Desired. I am in Christ, and crucified with Him. I am a temple—a dwelling place—for God. I am covered with the blood of Jesus, and spotless in God’s sight.
           “This is my identity, I am a Christian.”

           And with that, she smiled, curtsied, and went on, singing as she went.

 Who are you?

Drawn by my brother in Christ, Jeremy