~Letter to Dad~

Today is a special day, it’s my Daddy’s 50th birthday! Unfortunately, he is gone on a business trip today, but I thought I’d write him a letter via blog.


Dearest Daddy,

            Happy Birthday! I hope you are having a good day, I wish you didn’t have to be gone on a business trip so we could be with you today.

            On Saturday, when Richard was reading his letter to you of the most important things you’ve taught him, it got me thinking. You’ve taught me so much, whether on purpose or unconsciously. I think the greatest thing you taught me though, is how to study God’s Word. You have taught me to love and serve Christ—these things are invaluable. I can’t thank God enough for allowing you to be my father; you have influenced my life in more ways then you will ever know.

            Other things that you have taught me are modesty and the way men think. Thank you so much for teaching me this; I know that not many fathers sit down with their daughters and tell them why they need to dress modestly. It means so much that you tell me I’m beautiful and praise me for Godly character. You have also always given me love and attention so that I’ve never needed to look to other men for attention. You have such a loving heart.

            You have invested so much time in me; please know that doesn’t go unappreciated. One of my favorite things to do is run errands with you and just talk. You are a good listener, and a good adviser.

            Daddy, truly, you are one of my best friends. I can always come to you at anytime with my struggles or burdens. You listen to my dreams and encourage me. Moments spent praying and talking with you are moments that I’ll treasure forever. I love having a Daddy whose lap I will always be able to sit on. It’s nice to know that I’ll never outgrow your lap!

            Know that you have my full respect. I give you my respect unconditionally because you’re my father, but besides that, you really have earned it. You love Mom, lead our family, provide for us, and always take time out for us. I respect and admire how open and transparent you are with everyone. I hope the man I marry one day will be like you.

            You are one of the funniest people I know, and I love laughing with you. You are also the best teacher I have ever and will ever have.

             I really do believe that you are the best Daddy in the whole wide world, and I the most blessed daughter. Oh Daddy, I love you so much! Happy Birthday, I can’t wait to see you this weekend.

            May the Lord God bless you as you grow in Him and lead our family this coming year. He still has many wonderful adventures ahead for you. I am so thrilled that we get to discover them together. I love you.

Your little girl,