Five Minute Friday: Empty



That word may very well bring tears to my eyes…not because I’m a “the glass is half empty” kind of person, no, I’m an optimist, my glass is always half full. In fact, my cup overflows.

But emptiness is what I see in my neighbor’s eyes…his heart, his soul, is well, empty. He doesn’t know Christ…and I pray for him, and shed more tears. How many tears do I have to shed and prayers do I have to utter before he comes to Christ? Sometimes I’d like to know…

For a time I followed the world’s “fulfillment”, but it left empty–destitute. So when I look in my neighbor’s eyes I see the emptiness I used to have, and it breaks my heart. Oh, and don’t you know it breaks God’s heart too?

Empty, lost souls…they’re everywhere. Though they may appear to be silent, they scream out for something to fill them. They try to fill their empty God-shaped void with many things, but it only leaves them emptier before. Who will tell them of the Great Fulfiller?

Let your heart be stirred even today, and go share with some empty, lost soul true fulfillment that they be no more empty.